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Stephanie Phillips

Freelance journalist & editor

Stephanie Phillips is a London-based freelance journalist and content editor, specialising in music, race and feminism. Email:

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10 great documentaries about iconic musicians

The best documentary portraits of great musicians are precious glimpses into often turbulent lives of creativity and genius.

Lemonade 2016 002 beyonce with face paint black and white article

Beyoncé vs Daughters of the Dust: How an American indie classic ...

What did Beyoncé see in Julie Dash’s dreamlike 1990s indie gem Daughters of the Dust? Here’s our guide to this story of black womanhood and how it influenced Lemonade.

12 article

Why A Punk Fest Celebrating People Of Colour Is Needed In 2017

The history of punk is filled with genre-defying people of colour who have created new ways of approaching music, but they rarely get their fair due. This must change, argues Stephanie Phillips.

I brought my rapist to court and won - The Mix

I brought my rapist to court and won - The Mix

How to support a survivor of rape or sexual assault - The Mix

The idea of supporting someone who has been raped or sexually assaulted might seem overwhelming, but your hand-holding or listening ear could seriously help them cope with the future. Read our guide on how to support a survivor of sexual violence.

Prince harry meghan markle article
International Business Times

Meghan Markle: Is Britain ready for a mixed-race princess?

Meghan Markle: Is Britain ready for a mixed-race pr...

Islamophobia - The Mix

If you’ve been abused or harassed because you identify as Muslim, or because people think you are Muslim, you could be a victim of Islamophobia. We look at how we can tackle this rising issue.

Joseph fiennes michael jackson article
International Business Times

Joseph Fiennes' as Michael Jackson? Whitewashing hasn't gone ...

Joseph Fiennes' as Michael Jackson? Whitewashing ha...

Thetuts 600 article

The Tuts: The Girl Gang Everyone Wants to Be In « Bandcamp Daily

The Tuts: The Girl Gang Everyone Wants to Be In « B...

Open uri20170105 5474 f56e81 article

Highlife, Sleater-Kinney and identity: in conversation with Trash Kit’s Rachel Aggs

Very few people have made such an impact on DIY punk music as guitarist and singer Rachel Aggs....

Open uri20170105 5474 17s0hgj article

Black outlook: why the marginalised need sci-fi more than ever

Stephanie Phillips explains why, in a year that's been scarier than any sci-fi, we need visions of a progressive future to make us feel safe again...

Open uri20170105 5474 13oxzlo article

How much are black ideas worth?

For many in the black community social media has given us a space where we can be as witty, honest and out there as we want but who is getting the recognition, and the cheque, for our creativity? B…...

Cecile emeke article

The Black Renaissance is Here

by Stephanie Phillips It happens every year; the same time every year. We know it so well; the lead up, the commotion and the eventual indifference. Awards season is upon us and with that star-fill…...

20ft stardom article

Twenty Years or More From Stardom – Media Diversified

When our modern definition of a rock star is clouded by white, middle class male egos driven need to be the only stars, who else should we look up to?

Open uri20170105 5474 g04l51 article
International Business Times

Fried chicken and swimming really aren't pressing issues for Black British youth

The stereotypes used are based on the traumatic and ugly history of prejudice and discrimination....