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Stephanie Phillips

Freelance journalist & editor

Stephanie Phillips is a London-based freelance journalist and content editor, specialising in music, race and feminism. Email:

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Open uri20170817 2924 wdbl23 article

Starting a new school - The Mix

Being the new kid is never fun, so how do you overcome your fears to make friends and succeed at a new school?

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What is polyamory? - The Mix

Some people just aren't into having one partner at a time. If you're looking to share your romantic and sexual experiences with multiple lucky people, have a read of our guide to polyamorous relationships.

Open uri20170731 21288 vka3uq article

The Bands Taking British Punk Back to Its Multicultural Roots - Noisey

How acts like Nekra and Sacred Paws are taking up space to give UK people of colour punk role models.

Open uri20170807 15588 1gsmf6k article

Why Rihanna's new man means so much to us

It’s a tired and outdated myth that women don’t look out for each other.

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Spain's first 'nap bar' opens in Madrid | Metro News

To get through the long, tiring days many swear by a quick disco nap in the middle of the day to boost their energy and keep them focused.

Open uri20170807 25740 5siuws article

Coming out as trans at school, university or work - The Mix

Coming out as trans to big groups of people can be hard, especially when you don't know how they will react and you have to spend most of your time with them. Read our guide to help you choose how and when is the right time for you.

Open uri20170807 25736 128r33u article

Tackling sexual violence in the LGBT community

Sexual violence can affect anyone regardless of their gender identity or what type of relationship they're in. We look at sexual violence in the LGBT community and find out where you can get support.

Open uri20170807 30224 13uhkv5 article

How do I know who to vote for? - The Mix

Registering to vote is one thing but knowing who to vote for and what that means for you is entirely different. The Mix walks you through the main party manifestos to help you make up your mind.

Open uri20170807 25736 1x0n9t4 article

What to do if you're worried about FGM - The Mix

Female genital mutilation, or FGM, is a painful and illegal process that involves cutting and removing a girl's external genitalia. If you're worried about FGM there are places to get support and advice.

Open uri20170807 23115 1xsdvzz article

Myth, the supernatural and black female storytelling in three 1990s ...

Mythology, African traditions and legends infuse three very different 1990s films about black womanhood. Stephanie Phillips explores why black women’s stories in cinema often transcend the material world.

Open uri20170807 23115 3zmgwm article

How to recognise emotional abuse in relationships - The Mix

It can be hard to recognise if you’re being emotionally abused by a boyfriend or girlfriend. It's even harder to spot when it's coming from friends, family or co-workers. The Mix gives you a guide to recognising emotional abuse and the tools to break free.

Lemonade 2016 002 beyonce with face paint black and white article

Beyoncé vs Daughters of the Dust: How an American indie classic ...

What did Beyoncé see in Julie Dash’s dreamlike 1990s indie gem Daughters of the Dust? Here’s our guide to this story of black womanhood and how it influenced Lemonade.

Open uri20170807 14184 1kne3zh article

10 great documentaries about iconic musicians | BFI

The best documentary portraits of great musicians are precious glimpses into often turbulent lives of creativity and genius.

Open uri20170807 14184 1e0y8lu article

How to protect your mental health online - The Mix

An article about the dangers of the internet may have your eyebrows raised but don't fret, we're not about to preach to you about how it was better in our day. We want to explore how to look after your mental health online and rise above the all-consuming demands of social media.

Open uri20170807 14184 1s18u83 article

Enthusiastic consent - The Mix

The ins and outs of sexual consent may seem complicated but really it comes down to one simple question – are they into it?